C2 Centre for Craft

From the its inception, C2 Centre for Craft has been bold. Championing new makers, valuing designers, makers and artists who are risk takers and seek to inspire the world, both past present. Both questioning and fostering the conventional notion of craft.

Visual culture thrives at the C2 Centre for Craft, a hub and foundation for creative expression - connecting the craft of the past, present to create the future of creative expression.

Building off their own branded identity - Bold geometric lines, patterns and imagery - connected, coming together, to represent community.


We designed something communicative and effective. This was achieved with a strong colour block system to provide structure. Then we developed a dynamic series of kinetic lines to guide readers through the the brochure. As a result, the C2 Centre for Craft has a handsome brochure to pair with their outreach or craft and innovation.