ART - A Winnipeg based artist whose work often touches on the sensitive intimate ideas of identity and the silent relationship between past and present, life and landscape.

Drawing on the textures and rhythms of weaving, paper-making and sculpture mould-making, that are irreducibly physical, my work unravels and recomposing traditional techniques to communicate messages of damage and recovery, fragmentation and metamorphosis, while exploring the influences of sculpture, weaving and fibre arts in contemporary art practice.


MARKETING - A Winnipeg based freelance marketing and graphic designer. Background working for not-for-profit arts organizations building websites, branding and creative content for 5 years and has been active in the Winnipeg’s fine art community. A passion for matching good design with the goals of my clients has given me many opportunities to work with amazing people and organizations. I work primarily with small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

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